Meaning of the Crows

Messenger Crow

Many cultures view the crow as a messenger delivering messages for a number of reasons like peace, health, messages between the spirit world and the living, protection, and warnings.  When I draw or paint the messenger crow, the crow is always in flight depicting their ability to deliver messages between domains.


Shaman Crow

In certain cultures the crow is viewed as a shaman, an entity who is able to communicate with the spirit world, natural forces to aid in the healing of the sick, seeking help to protect humans, and promote harmony in the world. I draw Shaman Crows using a loose drawing style depicting the mysterious or spiritual beliefs of the Shaman Crow. The Shaman Crow in my art is always grounded to the earth but has access to the sky.   


Medicine Crow

Both crows and ravens are revered in some cultures as a bird of medicine or healing. A personal connection with a medicine crows is thought to help a shaman, medicine people, or healer aid in the healing process or works as a spiritual ally. When drawing or painting the medicine crow I use a loose drawing style depicting the spiritual beliefs with the wings spread to indicate their ability to deliver messages or healing powers.