January 2018 Woodcut Prints

Woodcut is a relief printing technique carving an image into a piece of wood and removing the areas that are not to be printed. Even though the same woodcut is used for every print, each print is unique. Each image will differ because of the amount of ink used, the amount of pressure used when transferring the image to paper by hand, and the complexity of registering the colors.

This was the illustrating style I used early in my advertising career. The last couple of painting, "Message Posting' and "Hey, Hey, Hey" started to take on some of the characteristics of a woodcut print. I love this style because it is rough and not exact making the image interesting to look at. 

I have fun with the titles of the pieces which adds to the personality of the image. Like Oregon Crow because bicycling is big in Oregon, then the crows end up with bike tires for feet. Salmon Run and Octa-Gone both reflect the abundance of bike riders in Oregon.