Art is an evolving process of growth, discovery, and experimentation. The true mystery in art is that sometimes we don’t understand the intent of an artist. Art is a form of abstract language and sometimes it is an absolute langue and sometimes it is beyond our understanding of what is being expressed.

Art develops and changes over time as the individual artist’s growth and experiences change. How an artist expresses what he or she sees or experiences can be influenced by many factors like personal experiences, a life altering event, changes in society, or change in a personal belief system. My interest in art revolves around the interactions between life and nature, both the visual and the hidden connection between humans, animals, and nature itself and how each interconnects or independently influences the other. 

In my personal work I find it invigorating and refreshing when I step away from my work for periods of time and let life reset how I look at the environment around me. I was born in Phoenix Arizona and lived there for most of my life, which resulted in influencing how I saw my work. My wife and I have relocated to Oregon where this environment will influence the work again. What hasn’t changed is my style of gestural expressionism and color palette and how that is applied to new ideas.    

Solo and Group Exhibitions

1990 Learma Gallery - Mesa, Arizona

1992 Kerr Cultural Center - Scottsdale, Arizona

1993 - 1994 East Ashland Gallery - Phoenix, Arizona

1995 - 1999 C.G. Rein Galley - Phoenix, Arizona and Edina, Minnesota

1997 Gallery Art Ability - Dallas, Texas

1998 Waxlander Khadoure Fine Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico

1999 Denise Bibro Gallery - International Invitational Show, New York

1999 Caelum Gallery - Group show - New York

2000 - 2002 Gaun Fine Art Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona

2002 Wilde Meyer Gallery - Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona

2003 - 2005 Hopkin's Fine Art - Scottsdale, Arizona

2006 - 2015 Experimental exploration of new work including living in Europe

2016 - Present  Emerald Art Center - Springfield, Oregon